toy department

The toy department is forever winning local awards and plaudits. Its long-suffering manager is often wheeled out by local radio stations, so that he can endlessly "witter on" about the latest stories involving toys. And just last Christmas, the department's wide range of toys made the national press - well, The Daily Telegraph anyway. Come and find out what the fuss is all about, and you will stumble into a charming toy store full to the brim with literally thousands of magical toys...

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We stock everything we can, from traditional wooden shape-sorters, forts and flowery dolls' houses right up to the latest TV-advertised crazes like Zhu Zhu hamsters and Bakugan traps: all the way from little stretchy dinosaurs and Alien Eggs to battery-powered Ferraris. If you want to check if it's in stock just email or phone. Here's just a taster...

the trendiest stuff

zhu zhu petsOcean in my Pocket (shake those flippers!), Lego Atlantis (shake them again!), Sylvanian Families Nursery Bus, Bakugan traps, GX Skateboards, Fireman Sam (he's on fire!). And watch out for Surprise Egg Maker (£19.99) and Playmobil Eggs (£4.99) over Easter... Oh, and still going great guns: Ben 10 figures at £4.97 and Zhu Zhu Hamsters.

construction toys

construction toysWe hold as much Lego as we can. The new ranges for Spring include the Toy Story range (we can't wait for the new film), Atlantis and Bionicles. Also, an incredible range of Meccano from 5 Model Sets to the motorised 40 and 50 Model Sets. On top of that, we have a shelf-busting range of Mega Bloks and K'Nex (look out for the fantastic rollercoaster at amazing £24.99).


playmobilUnbreakable and irresistable. We try to hold a complete range of Playmobil. The fabulous Fire Brigade range kicked up a storm in February and the £4.99 Playmobil Eggs now in stock promise to do the same over Easter. Later in April the African Safari will stampede into the Store (and out again!) The eerie Ghost Pirates arrive on these shores in May. Still doing incredibly well is one of last years standout toys, the absolutely wonderful Playmobil Egyptian Pyramid.

sylvanian families

sylvanian familiesWe love Sylvanian Families. We try to stock every last little bit, even though some of those bits are very little indeed. Buildings begin at £26.99. Last year the Car and Caravan proved to be a great success and continues to be in our top ten. But why not check out the new bright yellow Nursery Bus? And later on don't forget the Trunk Family - those new and very, very cute Elephants.


meet the manager

Andrew, manager of the toy departmentMr. Olley has been the manager of the toy department for longer than he cares to remember. He has had a lifelong fascination with all things toylike and even enjoyed them as a child. He remembers dreaming of being trapped in a toyshop. Now over ten years later has fulfilled that ambition.

His wild years as tractor driver, window-cleaner, bookshop manager, landscape designer, teacher and telephone sanitiser are all behind him now, but the wildness has not completely left him. Mr. Olley still has one party trick left up his sleeve. If pushed he can balance a playmobil man on his nose whilst whistling the star-spangled banner.

contact the toy department

We're open from Monday to Saturday from 08:30 to 17:30. We'd love to see you, but if you're not able to visit us in person, or want to discuss our stock, or just want to speak to us before making a trip, don't hesitate to get in touch using the information shown below.

To find us, see our location here, as well as information about local parking, rail travel, and the city of Ely itself.

Telephone: 01353 663131